March 21st, 2014

The Hub-Musician’s Friend


This past week, Musician’s Friend published an article with some great advice for aspiring and independent musicians. Josh and his good friend Dave Wilton give some good insights.

See the article here

And if you haven’t already, head over to Dave’s site to check out his latest projects.

The Curator Magazine

Charles Carman interviewed Oregon-based Josh Garrels—American singer-songwriter, orchestral folk composer, hip-hop producer, and musician—and the two spoke briefly on Garrels’ history, the narrative nature to his music, growing up and the prominence of myth to his life, and the need for love of a city.

garrels curator


Twelve Minute Muse Interviews Josh

“My chat with Josh explores his earliest memories of songwriting.  He shares his process of working from inspiration…”

Read more about it at WWW.TWELVEMINUTEMUSE.COM.


A Christian Musician With More Questions Than Answers



Josh Garrels Interview: Faith, Art, and Suffering (Intervarsity)

josh_garrels intervarsity


Josh Garrels Album Giveaway Earns $70K for World Relief

jg WR


Interview: Why Josh Garrels Is Giving Away His Music to Support Peace-Building in Congo