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The Hub-Musician's Friend This past week, Musician's Friend published an article with some great advice for aspiring and independent musicians. Josh and his good friend Dave Wilton give some good insights. See the article here And if you haven't already, head over to Dave's site to check out his latest projects. The Curator Magazine Charles Carman interviewed Oregon-based Josh Garrels—American singer-songwriter, orchestral folk composer, hip-hop producer, and musician—and the two spoke briefly on Garrels’ history, the narrative nature to his music, growing up and the prominence of myth to his life, and the need for love of a city. www.cu...

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Five for Congo – Campaign Totals

The "Five for Congo" campaign ended on March 28th, and in 14 days we gave away 161,245 album downloads on Noisetrade! With approximately 8,000 people leaving a tip, we were able to raise $71,566! These funds will be given in full to World Relief to help with their work to bring peace and restoration to the DR Congo. The success of this campaign took us all off guard, and all I can say is that we're amazed and thankful. What a joy! - Josh

2nd Edition of the “The Sea In Between” to be shipped in April!

For anyone who was bummed that the limited edition box set of "The Sea In Between" sold out the day that it was released...we have good news! We've done a more slimline redesign of the film's casing, but with all the same goodies inside.  It's currently being manufactured and it's scheduled to begin shipping in April.  You can pre-order on "The Sea In Between" website or click on the product ad below.

Five for Congo

Southeast Tour this February

After 2 sold out tours on the west coast and the northeast, I'm excited to team up with Brooklyn's Mason Jar Music for the 3rd leg of our "Sea In Between" documentary release tour.  This time we'll be working our way through the southeast, with stops in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.  When we started these tours, I wasn't sure how the audience would respond to a night comprising of the viewing full length film followed by an hour long performance with a cast of 12! But, I must say, the dynamic nature of the event has proven to create a really special evening, not only for the audience, but also for us! See you next week ...

New Home – New Studio – New Baby!

Hello All! So sorry to be silent on blogging front over these past several months.  It's not for lack of things to share with you, on the contrary, I've had my hands full with the sheer multitude of exciting things happening!  Here's the scoop... This past August of 2012, my wife Michelle and I bought our first home here in Portland, OR. It's a 100 year old foursquare located in the heart of Portland's urban core. We bought it with the intention of building a standalone studio space for me in the backyard, while maintaining a local presence in the Portland community. For years we've longed for a place to call our own, more space to raise our ...

Studio Campaign Ends Well!

It’s my pleasure to announce that the “Studio Campaign” was a complete success!  In the 5 weeks that we ran the campaign we were able to raise approximately $110,000 -  with almost $45,000 of that arriving in the final 24 hours!  Needless to say, I’m in total awe, deeply thankful, and above all excited to begin working on making the space a reality.  With these funds we’ll be able to not only build the studio structure, but also furnish it with some choice pieces of recording hardware.  A heartfelt “THANKS!” to all who helped to make this possible through your prayers, encouragement, and generous donations.  My family and I feel ...